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Our fully compliant back office recruitment solution 'Opera 3 Recruitment' seamlessly integrates with front office databases and online timesheet solutions. It's extremely flexible, highly efficient and will grow with your business.


'Opera 3 Recruitment' integrates with a wide range of popular industry products including Bullhorn and RDB ProNet / Access CRM.

'Opera 3 Recruitment' is based upon an award winning accounting solution by Pegasus Software. This means the core of our solution is always being constantly developed and remains fully compliant with currently legislation.




Why reinvent the wheel? Most other recruitment back office suppliers develop their own payroll and billing modules from scratch. Pegasus Opera 3 software already comes as standard with excellent payroll and billing modules. Our 'Recruitment' solution takes the standard modules and builds in an additional layer of functionality thus enabling our solution to work efficiently as a recruitment back office solution.  

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Our product 'Opera 3 Recruitment' is: