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Jonathan Hann, Managing Director



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Pure Resourcing Solutions


In order to achieve our growth objectives we needed better management information and control over our business. This was unachievable with our previous outsourced service providers; the only solution was to bring our back office systems in house.


We commissioned Cambridge Recruitment Software Solutions to provide us with a fully integrated front to back office recruitment solution. The solution they provided linked our front office recruitment database with online timesheets and 'Opera II Recruitment'. Cambridge Recruitment Software Solutions project managed the entire process. They dealt directly with our existing suppliers and kept us regularly informed of progress.


Since our new system went live in December 2006 we have never looked back. 'Opera II Recruitment' provides us with up to date management information enabling us to manage our business more effectively, allowing us to see exactly from which clients and which consultants our business is being generated.


This improved management information has helped us grow our business over the last year. As a result we have recently opened up a new Peterborough office with multiple divisions and new consultants; needless to say our systems coped seamlessly.


I would not hesitate in thoroughly recommending Cambridge Recruitment Software Solutions to any recruitment business looking for an efficient back office solution capable of taking their business forward to the next level.


Ian Walters, Managing Director

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Interaction Recruitment


Back office operational efficiencies are paramount in a business of this size. We needed a fully integrated system capable of meeting our specific operational requirements and one which would grow with our business into the future.

It was essential we used trusted suppliers who we knew were capable of delivering on a major project of this scale as failure to deliver on time was not an option.

Having built our existing business around CamRSS's back office solution we were confident that they could deliver an integrated solution to meet our very specific & demanding needs. Given CamRSS's experience in these areas we commissioned them to undertake the entire front to back office integration from start to finish.

Our new systems have been a resounding success; the transition was seamless. Our temporary workers and our clients are now being paid and billed directly by Interaction. Our invoices and payslips are emailed thus helping to minimise our operational costs. Many of our large corporate clients have very specific invoicing and management information requirements. Our new system allows us to extract information and generate reports rapidly in virtually any format we require thus allowing us to fulfil both clients' specific invoicing and management information requirements.


Andrew Gilchrist, Managing Director



Our existing systems simply could not have coped with our expansion plans to double the size of our business. We needed to upgrade in order to cope with the higher volumes of transactions.


Our key requirements were to find an integrated front to back office solution capable of processing high volumes of transactions as efficiently as possible, a solution able to cater for our complex reporting requirements and above all, a solution which was easy to use.


Cambridge Recruitment Software Solutions provided an integrated recruitment solution to our specifications, incorporating our existing front office recruitment software, with online timesheets and ‘Opera 3 Recruitment’.

‘Opera 3 Recruitment’ combines payroll, billing and financial accounting all within a single software application. Compared with our previous system, which used three separate pieces of software to perform these tasks, ‘Opera 3 Recruitment’ represents a substantial simplification and streamlining of our back office function.

The operational efficiency of our back office has quite literally been transformed. Payslip and invoice generation is now not only rapid but the resulting information flows seamlessly into our accounting ledgers, saving us several hours of intensive journal posting every week. With the same staffing resources we can now process well in excess of double the volume of transactions.

We now have comprehensive management information available to us almost instantaneously. Producing our month end management accounts is now far simpler and can be achieved within two days.

Cambridge Recruitment Software Solutions clearly understood our business. They analysed our business requirements, configured and installed the software and trained our staff. The transition from our old systems to ‘Opera 3 Recruitment’ was rapid and smooth.


Colin Way, Finance Director

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Tradewind Recruitment


In order to achieve our expansion plans we needed to improve our back office efficiency. Our previous systems were becoming labour intensive and consisted of three separate pieces of software. Replacing our multiple legacy systems with a single back office solution ‘Opera 3 Recruitment’ has considerably streamlined our back office processing.


Implementing ‘Opera 3 Recruitment’ coincided with a new front office upgrade. As our front office and back office systems are now fully integrated, layers of administration have been removed from our back office processing thus, allowing us to process a far greater volume of transactions with the same level of staffing resource.


Not only can we process our payroll & billing far quicker than before we also have a comprehensive range of management reporting instantly available to us.


The payroll seems to be getting quicker every week, with a few tweaks here and there we are turning into a well oiled machine.

Wayne Madgwick, Payroll Manager

Mike Kaye, CEO at Tradewind & Sanza