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Cambridge Recruitment Software Solutions have been supplying back office solutions to the recruitment industry since 2006.


Our back office solutions are based on Pegasus' Opera 3 Enterprise accounting software. Unlike other recruitment mid / back office products our solution uniquely combines payroll, billing and financial accounting all within a single software application.


Pegasus Opera 3 has been taken and transformed into a powerful, no compromise, back office recruitment solution, rich in features and functionality. The result is a product exclusive to Cambridge Recruitment Software Solutions called 'Opera 3 Recruitment'.


With a host of features designed specifically for the recruitment industry, Opera 3 Recruitment acts as an automated 'pay & bill' system capable of processing high volumes of transactions with minimal effort. Not only does Opera 3 Recruitment operate as a powerful back office solution, it can also integrates with 'front office' and 'online timesheet' software products, as required, creating a powerful 'total integrated recruitment solution'.




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Opera 3 Recruitment is now available on Pegasus's flagship Opera 3 platform.


Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) module is due for release by mid December.

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